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Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.LineItem Class Reference


Inheritance diagram for Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.LineItem:


Targeting targeting [get, set]
CreativeTargeting[] creativeTargetings [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.LineItemSummary
long orderId [get, set]
bool orderIdSpecified [get, set]
long id [get, set]
bool idSpecified [get, set]
string name [get, set]
string externalId [get, set]
string orderName [get, set]
DateTime startDateTime [get, set]
StartDateTimeType startDateTimeType [get, set]
bool startDateTimeTypeSpecified [get, set]
DateTime endDateTime [get, set]
int autoExtensionDays [get, set]
bool autoExtensionDaysSpecified [get, set]
bool unlimitedEndDateTime [get, set]
bool unlimitedEndDateTimeSpecified [get, set]
CreativeRotationType creativeRotationType [get, set]
bool creativeRotationTypeSpecified [get, set]
DeliveryRateType deliveryRateType [get, set]
bool deliveryRateTypeSpecified [get, set]
DeliveryForecastSource deliveryForecastSource [get, set]
bool deliveryForecastSourceSpecified [get, set]
CustomPacingCurve customPacingCurve [get, set]
RoadblockingType roadblockingType [get, set]
bool roadblockingTypeSpecified [get, set]
SkippableAdType skippableAdType [get, set]
bool skippableAdTypeSpecified [get, set]
FrequencyCap[] frequencyCaps [get, set]
LineItemType lineItemType [get, set]
bool lineItemTypeSpecified [get, set]
int priority [get, set]
bool prioritySpecified [get, set]
Money costPerUnit [get, set]
Money valueCostPerUnit [get, set]
CostType costType [get, set]
bool costTypeSpecified [get, set]
LineItemDiscountType discountType [get, set]
bool discountTypeSpecified [get, set]
double discount [get, set]
bool discountSpecified [get, set]
long contractedUnitsBought [get, set]
bool contractedUnitsBoughtSpecified [get, set]
CreativePlaceholder[] creativePlaceholders [get, set]
LineItemActivityAssociation[] activityAssociations [get, set]
EnvironmentType environmentType [get, set]
bool environmentTypeSpecified [get, set]
AllowedFormats[] allowedFormats [get, set]
CompanionDeliveryOption companionDeliveryOption [get, set]
bool companionDeliveryOptionSpecified [get, set]
bool allowOverbook [get, set]
bool allowOverbookSpecified [get, set]
bool skipInventoryCheck [get, set]
bool skipInventoryCheckSpecified [get, set]
bool skipCrossSellingRuleWarningChecks [get, set]
bool skipCrossSellingRuleWarningChecksSpecified [get, set]
bool reserveAtCreation [get, set]
bool reserveAtCreationSpecified [get, set]
Stats stats [get, set]
DeliveryIndicator deliveryIndicator [get, set]
long[] deliveryData [get, set]
Money budget [get, set]
ComputedStatus status [get, set]
bool statusSpecified [get, set]
LineItemSummaryReservationStatus reservationStatus [get, set]
bool reservationStatusSpecified [get, set]
bool isArchived [get, set]
bool isArchivedSpecified [get, set]
string webPropertyCode [get, set]
AppliedLabel[] appliedLabels [get, set]
AppliedLabel[] effectiveAppliedLabels [get, set]
bool disableSameAdvertiserCompetitiveExclusion [get, set]
bool disableSameAdvertiserCompetitiveExclusionSpecified [get, set]
string lastModifiedByApp [get, set]
string notes [get, set]
CompetitiveConstraintScope competitiveConstraintScope [get, set]
bool competitiveConstraintScopeSpecified [get, set]
DateTime lastModifiedDateTime [get, set]
DateTime creationDateTime [get, set]
BaseCustomFieldValue[] customFieldValues [get, set]
bool isMissingCreatives [get, set]
bool isMissingCreativesSpecified [get, set]
ProgrammaticCreativeSource programmaticCreativeSource [get, set]
bool programmaticCreativeSourceSpecified [get, set]
ThirdPartyMeasurementSettings thirdPartyMeasurementSettings [get, set]
long videoMaxDuration [get, set]
bool videoMaxDurationSpecified [get, set]
Goal primaryGoal [get, set]
Goal[] secondaryGoals [get, set]
GrpSettings grpSettings [get, set]
LineItemDealInfoDto dealInfo [get, set]
long[] viewabilityProviderCompanyIds [get, set]
ChildContentEligibility childContentEligibility [get, set]
bool childContentEligibilitySpecified [get, set]
string customVastExtension [get, set]

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CreativeTargeting [] Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.LineItem.creativeTargetings

Targeting Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.LineItem.targeting

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