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Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.RuleBasedFirstPartyAudienceSegment Class Reference


Inheritance diagram for Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.RuleBasedFirstPartyAudienceSegment:
Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.RuleBasedFirstPartyAudienceSegmentSummary Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.FirstPartyAudienceSegment Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.AudienceSegment


FirstPartyAudienceSegmentRule rule [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.RuleBasedFirstPartyAudienceSegmentSummary
int pageViews [get, set]
bool pageViewsSpecified [get, set]
int recencyDays [get, set]
bool recencyDaysSpecified [get, set]
int membershipExpirationDays [get, set]
bool membershipExpirationDaysSpecified [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.AudienceSegment
long id [get, set]
bool idSpecified [get, set]
string name [get, set]
long[] categoryIds [get, set]
string description [get, set]
AudienceSegmentStatus status [get, set]
bool statusSpecified [get, set]
long size [get, set]
bool sizeSpecified [get, set]
long mobileWebSize [get, set]
bool mobileWebSizeSpecified [get, set]
long idfaSize [get, set]
bool idfaSizeSpecified [get, set]
long adIdSize [get, set]
bool adIdSizeSpecified [get, set]
long ppidSize [get, set]
bool ppidSizeSpecified [get, set]
AudienceSegmentDataProvider dataProvider [get, set]
AudienceSegmentType type [get, set]
bool typeSpecified [get, set]

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FirstPartyAudienceSegmentRule Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.RuleBasedFirstPartyAudienceSegment.rule

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