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Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.VideoCreative Class Reference


Inheritance diagram for Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.VideoCreative:
Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.BaseVideoCreative Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.HasDestinationUrlCreative Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.Creative


string videoSourceUrl [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.BaseVideoCreative
int duration [get, set]
bool durationSpecified [get, set]
bool allowDurationOverride [get, set]
bool allowDurationOverrideSpecified [get, set]
ConversionEvent_TrackingUrlsMapEntry[] trackingUrls [get, set]
long[] companionCreativeIds [get, set]
string customParameters [get, set]
string adId [get, set]
AdIdType adIdType [get, set]
bool adIdTypeSpecified [get, set]
SkippableAdType skippableAdType [get, set]
bool skippableAdTypeSpecified [get, set]
string vastPreviewUrl [get, set]
SslScanResult sslScanResult [get, set]
bool sslScanResultSpecified [get, set]
SslManualOverride sslManualOverride [get, set]
bool sslManualOverrideSpecified [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.HasDestinationUrlCreative
string destinationUrl [get, set]
DestinationUrlType destinationUrlType [get, set]
bool destinationUrlTypeSpecified [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.Creative
long advertiserId [get, set]
bool advertiserIdSpecified [get, set]
long id [get, set]
bool idSpecified [get, set]
string name [get, set]
Size size [get, set]
string previewUrl [get, set]
CreativePolicyViolation[] policyLabels [get, set]
AppliedLabel[] appliedLabels [get, set]
DateTime lastModifiedDateTime [get, set]
BaseCustomFieldValue[] customFieldValues [get, set]
ThirdPartyDataDeclaration thirdPartyDataDeclaration [get, set]

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string Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202205.VideoCreative.videoSourceUrl

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