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Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsServiceSignature Class Reference

Service creation params for AdWords API family of services. More...

Inheritance diagram for Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsServiceSignature:

Public Member Functions

 AdWordsServiceSignature (string version, string serviceSignature, string groupName)
 Public constructor. More...


string GroupName [get]
 Gets the group name. More...
override Type ServiceType [get]
 Gets the type of service. More...
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.Common.Lib.ServiceSignature
virtual string Id [get]
 A unique id to distinguish the service represented by this signature object. More...
string Version [get]
 Gets the service version. More...
string ServiceName [get]
 Gets the service name. More...
SupportedProtocols SupportedProtocol [get]
 Gets the supported protocol. More...
abstract Type ServiceType [get]
 Gets the type of service. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Google.Api.Ads.Common.Lib.ServiceSignature
enum  SupportedProtocols { SupportedProtocols.SOAP, SupportedProtocols.WSE }
 The various protocols supported by the library. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Google.Api.Ads.Common.Lib.ServiceSignature
 ServiceSignature (string version, string serviceName, SupportedProtocols protocol)
 Protected constructor. More...

Detailed Description

Service creation params for AdWords API family of services.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsServiceSignature.AdWordsServiceSignature ( string  version,
string  serviceSignature,
string  groupName 

Public constructor.

versionService version.
serviceSignatureService name.
groupNameThe group name

Property Documentation

string Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsServiceSignature.GroupName
override Type Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsServiceSignature.ServiceType

Gets the type of service.

Referenced by Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsServiceFactory.CreateService().

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