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Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.v201809.AdCustomizerFeedPage Class Reference

The result of a call to AdCustomizerFeedService::get. More...

Inheritance diagram for Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.v201809.AdCustomizerFeedPage:


AdCustomizerFeed[] entries [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.v201809.Page
int totalNumEntries [get, set]
 Total number of entries in the result that this page is a part of. More...
bool totalNumEntriesSpecified [get, set]
string PageType [get, set]
 Indicates that this instance is a subtype of Page. Although this field is returned in the response, it is ignored on input and cannot be selected. Specify xsi:type instead. More...

Detailed Description

The result of a call to AdCustomizerFeedService::get.

Property Documentation

AdCustomizerFeed [] Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.v201809.AdCustomizerFeedPage.entries

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