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Package Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Util.Reports


package  v201809


class  AdWordsReportsException
 Custom exception class for handling reporting errors. More...
interface  IReportDefinition
 Marker interface for ReportDefinition. More...
interface  IReportDefinitionField
 Marker interface for ReportDefinitionField. More...
class  AwReport< A >
 A class for parsing text AdWords reports into POCOs. More...
class  AwXmlTextReader
 An implementation of using XML. More...
class  ColumnValuePair
 A class to hold two strings, the column name and the value in that column for a row in a report. More...
interface  InputTextReader
 An Interface for use by the report parsing classes. More...
class  ReportColumn
 A type used for annotating properties that will hold the values of a row of a report. The names of the properties that are annotated with ReportColumn must match the name of the columns in the AdWords report, and the type of the property must be compatible with the data in that column. More...
class  ReportParserUtils
 A class holding utility functions for parsing reports.
interface  IDataSourceBuilder< TParent, TReportType >
 Builder interface for FROM capability.
interface  IDurationBuilder< TParent, TDateRangeType >
 Builder interface for DURING capability.
interface  IFilterBuilder< TParent >
 Builder interface for WHERE capability.
interface  ILimitBuilder< TParent >
 Builder interface for LIMIT BY capability.
interface  ISelectBuilder< TParent >
 Builder interface for SELECT capability.
interface  ISortingBuilder< TParent >
 Builder interface for ORDER BY capability.
interface  IReportQuery< TParent, TBuilder >
 A reporting query.
interface  IReportQueryBuilder< TParent, TQuery, TReportType, TDateRangeType >
 Interface for building report queries.
interface  ISelectQuery< TParent, TBuilder, TPage >
 A selector query.
interface  ISelectQueryBuilder< TParent, TQuery >
 Interface for building selector queries.
interface  IWhereBuilder< TParent >
 Builder interface for WHERE clause. More...
class  ReportDownloadError
 Represents a report download error. More...
class  ReportUtilities
 Defines report utility functions for the client library. More...