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Package Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Util.Shopping.v201809


class  OperationPair
 An OperationPair associates a ProductPartitionNode with an AdGroupCriterionOperation that mutates the node.
class  ProductDimensionEqualityComparer
 Subclass-aware comparator for ProductDimension objects. Performs a logical comparison between instances. This comparator is not consistent with equals(Object). More...
class  ProductDimensions
 Factory methods for creating ProductDimension objects. Each ProductDimension subclass has a create method, and each of those methods has a signature that reflects the attributes that logically identify an instance of that subclass.
class  ProductPartitionNode
 A node in a tree of ProductPartitions. Used to construct AdGroupCriterion objects for shopping campaigns. More...
class  ProductPartitionNodeAdapter
 Adapter that translates ProductPartitionNode objects into AdGroupCriterion objects for various operations.
class  ProductPartitionTree
 A ProductPartitionTree is a container for a root ProductPartitionNode that also handles applying changes made to the tree under the root. More...