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Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202311.MobileDeviceSubmodel Class Reference

Represents a mobile device submodel. More...

Inheritance diagram for Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202311.MobileDeviceSubmodel:


long mobileDeviceCriterionId [get, set]
 The mobile device id. More...
bool mobileDeviceCriterionIdSpecified [get, set]
long deviceManufacturerCriterionId [get, set]
 The device manufacturer id. More...
bool deviceManufacturerCriterionIdSpecified [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202311.Technology
long id [get, set]
 The unique ID of the More...
bool idSpecified [get, set]
string name [get, set]
 The name of the technology being targeting. This value is read-only and is assigned by Google. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a mobile device submodel.

Property Documentation

long Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202311.MobileDeviceSubmodel.deviceManufacturerCriterionId

The device manufacturer id.

bool Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202311.MobileDeviceSubmodel.deviceManufacturerCriterionIdSpecified

true, if a value is specified for deviceManufacturerCriterionId, false otherwise.

long Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202311.MobileDeviceSubmodel.mobileDeviceCriterionId

The mobile device id.

bool Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202311.MobileDeviceSubmodel.mobileDeviceCriterionIdSpecified

true, if a value is specified for mobileDeviceCriterionId, false otherwise.

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