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Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.ISuggestedAdUnitService Interface Reference

This service provides operations for retrieving and approving SuggestedAdUnit objects. More...

Inheritance diagram for Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.ISuggestedAdUnitService:
Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitServiceInterface Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitService

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitServiceInterface
Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitPage getSuggestedAdUnitsByStatement (Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.Statement filterStatement)
< Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitPage
getSuggestedAdUnitsByStatementAsync (Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.Statement filterStatement)
Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitUpdateResult performSuggestedAdUnitAction (Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitAction suggestedAdUnitAction, Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.Statement filterStatement)
< Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitUpdateResult
performSuggestedAdUnitActionAsync (Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.SuggestedAdUnitAction suggestedAdUnitAction, Google.Api.Ads.AdManager.v202402.Statement filterStatement)

Detailed Description

This service provides operations for retrieving and approving SuggestedAdUnit objects.

Publishers may create ad tags that lack a corresponding ad unit defined in DFP, in order to gather information about potential ads without needing to create dummy ad units and make them available for targeting in line items. Any undefined ad unit to receive more than ten serving requests in the past week is treated as a 'suggested ad unit'. These can be queried by the client and selectively approved. Approval causes a new ad unit to be created based on the suggested ad unit. Unapproved suggested ad units cease to exist whenever their corresponding ad tag has been served fewer than ten times in the past seven days.

This service is only available to Premium publishers. Before use, suggested ad units must be enabled for the client's network. This can be done in the UI: in the Inventory tab, click "Network settings" in the left-hand panel, then enable the checkbox "Get suggestions for new ad units." If suggested ad units are not enabled, then #getSuggestedAdUnitsByStatement will always return an empty page.

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